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DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Coming to Epcot

first_imgShare This!DuckTales! Whoo-ooo!Get ready because the Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is coming to Epcot and will invite Guests to join Scrooge McDuck, Donald, Launchpad, Webby, Huey, Dewey, and Louie in search of priceless treasure. Guests will be able to using the Play Disney Parks mobile app, as they travel around World Showcase discovering exciting mysteries, and maybe even a few thieves, villains and supernatural guardians of ancient artifacts.Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure appears to be replacing Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.There’s no official word on when this will be debuting, so stay tuned to the blog for more details.last_img read more

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13 Geeky Facts About Detroit [Infographic]

first_imgWhen people think of technology and creative places in the United States, San Francisco and Silicon Valley are often the first that come to mind. But in the last few years, Detroit has been making its name known as a hub for creativity and technology. In her infographic published last week, Rilee Chastain from Detroit’s Hello Innovation, highlighted some geeky facts about Detroit. Did you know Detroit has the only floating post office in the United States? Or that Detroit was the first city to assign phone numbers, way back in 1879? Check out the key takeaways from the infographic.Source: Hello Innovation / Infographic: 13 Geeky Facts About Detroit.Key TakeawaysMove over San Fran and Silicon Valley. In the last few years, Detroit’s been home to the new “tech gold rush.” Many creative and innovative companies are making their way to Motor City to set up shop and take advantage of the entrepreneurial energy that flows throughout the city. But why Detroit? Because it’s a geek’s paradise! Just check out these awesome, geeky facts about the city of Detroit.Floating Post. The J.W Westcott II, America’s only floating post office, resides in the Detroit River.For over 100 years, this floating vessel has been delivering mail from below the Ambassador Bridge to thousands of residents.Dream Cruise. Metro Detroit plays host to the Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event, where nearly 1.5 million people (and 40,000 classic cars) gather each year.Nearly 10 percent of metro Detroit jobs are tech relatedWe are #1 in advanced auto industry jobsDetroit’s the only point in the U.S. where you can enter Canada by driving southThe Motor City was the birthplace of Motown and Techno musicDetroit’s WWJ radio was first to broadcast radio reports–it’s still operatingGotham has Batman. New York has Spiderman. Detroit? We have Robocop! On June 3rd, 2014 (RoboCop Day in Detroit), the man himself showed up to throw the first pitch at the Detroit Tigers game.Our city’s such big fans of our fighting hero that we raised over $67,000 on Kickstarter to build a statue of RoboCop right in Detroit, MI! In RoboCop we trust.Give you the hand If you ever ask a Michigander where they’re from, chances are they are going to pull out their hand at you. No, we’re not being rude! It’s just our favorite way to show out-of-towners where in the Mitten State we hail from! (Detroit is just south of the thumb.)Detroit was the first city to assign phone numbers way back in 1879Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) gave his “I Have a Dream” speech in Detroit before making it famous in Washington, D.C.Detroit has more registered bowlers than other city in the countryTechnology jobs have increased by 15 percent in metro DetroitShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedSeptember 2016 User Experience and Web Professionals EventsA free two-day accessibility conference, North America’s annual festival of independent design, and a quarterly WordPress Q&A workshop are a few of the events you’ll discover in the September 2016 events calendar. Each month I compile a calendar of user experience and web professionals events in southeast Michigan and northwest…In “Calendar”Takeaways from WordCamp Detroit 2018Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining over 120 WordPress users—bloggers, writers, designers, business owners, digital marketers, developers, and user experience specialists—at the WordCamp Detroit 2018 conference to learn and talk about WordPress. It was wonderful to attend a conference where I didn’t have to travel, other than to…In “Conference”May 2017 User Experience and Web Professional EventsWhether you’re a user experience or web professional, you know it can be a challenge to keep your skills up-to-date, learn about new methods, and network with fellow web workers. And it takes time to find interesting local events. That’s why I publish a monthly calendar of user experience and…In “Calendar”last_img read more

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Highs and Lows of our Competitiveness,Capturing our heritage on camera,Empowering young people in South Africa,Crime Line ‘helping beat drugs scourge’,Poverty underlay Marikana: Zuma,Mapungubwe visitor centre opens

first_imgThis year’s survey makes for interesting analysis, not simply because South Africa has dropped two places in the rankings to 52 in the world, but for the fact that the country still remains the highest-ranking African country in the survey and third-placed amongst the BRICS economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). There is anticipation and interest for a much needed debate, stimulated by the report, amongst South Africa’s political and business decision-makers around our country’s strengths, weaknesses, comparative risks and opportunities within the BRICS and Next11 countries (Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, South Korea and Vietnam).As the global economy is still grappling with slow growth and weak recovery, emerging and developing countries are growing faster than advanced economies. Acknowledging that the BRICS countries represent an astonishing 43% of the world’s population, these markets will remain a major source of global economic growth. This situation provides South Africa with both unprecedented opportunities and significant challenges as it looks to capitalise on this global trend. The real challenge is to fully understand South Africa’s position in the context of the BRICS and NEXT11 markets and to maximise the country’s strengths, whilst addressing some significant weaknesses that could hold the country back if measures are not taken to radically improve performance in key areas such as health, education, and labour market efficiency.When benchmarking South Africa against other BRICS nations, there is some positive news for the country. Its competitive strengths can be seen in financial market development where it ranks 1st amongst the BRICS nations and 3rd overall in global terms; business sophistication where it ranks 2nd amongst the BRICS nations and 38th overall; and goods and market efficiency where it ranks 1st amongst the BRICS nations and 32nd in the world. Other strengths included the Legal Rights Index, the Regulation of Securities Exchanges, the Efficacy of Corporate Boards, and the Strength of Auditing and Reporting Standards, where South Africa is placed 1st. Other strong performance areas included Availability of Financial Services (2nd place) and the area of Financing through Local Equity Markets (3rd place).It is worth noting that the high level of confidence shown in South Africa’s financial market development comes at a time when global market confidence is slow to return. The country is undoubtedly benefitting from the size of its economy and from the quality and accountability of its private institutions where it achieves a 2nd place global ranking.However, South Africa’s overall ranking was negatively impacted by its declining performance in critical areas for economic and social developmental growth. If South Africa is to improve its global competitiveness, it will need to significantly address a number of these key weaknesses. On health, South Africa was the worst performing of the BRICS nations and positioned 132nd out of 144 economies. Particular areas of concern remain the number of Tuberculosis cases recorded per 100,000 people in the country, where South Africa is positioned 143rd out of 144 countries. Other equally worrying statistics include the business impact of HIV/Aids where South Africa is positioned 135th, and the country’s HIV prevalence rate which positions it globally in 141st position.In the Life Expectancy Years pillar, South Africa ranks 133rd in the world. These results remain a matter of great concern and will continue to affect the country’s future growth if effective solutions are not found and attitudes are not changed. Ensuring high standards for health and education of the country’s workforce is critical to South Africa’s current and future economic and social development.Where South Africa’s performance decreased signficantly was in the country’s Macroeconomic Environment which saw a drop from 43rd place to 69th place overall. Although South Africa still remains the most competitive economy in sub-Saharan Africa, the country needs to address issues such as its Labour Market Efficiency where the impact of a dramatic drop from 97th place overall in the world to 113th place today is being clearly felt in the local economic environment. The country’s labour productivity reached a 46 year low in July this year with the report identifying restrictive labour regulations and poor work ethic as the most prohibitive factors for doing business in South Africa.The country’s rigid hiring and firing practices ranked it 143rd out of 144 places in the world; its lack of flexibility in wage determination by companies ranked it 140th; and significant tensions in labour-employer relations ranked it 144th in the world. These statistics require vigorous debate and a new approach if South Africa is going to achieve a sustainable growth and development path going forward.Another key area where South Africa can improve is in Quality of its Maths and Science Education, ranking at 143rd place out of 144 countries. The Quality of the Education System ranks 140th and 111th for Internet Access in Schools. If South Africa wishes to nurture a highly qualified workforce to meet the economic challenges of the future and to maximise the potential marketplace growth of the BRICS and NEXT11 nations, it has to rapidly address its failings in the education of its young people. Failure to do so will result in competitor countries taking advantage of South Africa’s weaknesses and boosting their own economies, ultimately at our cost.The negative impact of our education sector failings can also be seen in South Africa’s ranking of 122nd place for the Availability of Scientists and Engineers. This does not bode well for the future of our scientific research institutions. They require a continual pool of well-educated young people with an excellent grounding in maths and science if they are to continue to benchmark themselves in the global scientific marketplace. A world ranking of 143rd out of 144 countries for the Quality of Maths and Science Education is not going to advance South Africa’s ambitions in this respect, without significant intervention. In a positive response by Government, the National Development Plan, recently adopted by Cabinet, looks to address people development and job creation to foster economic growth and prosperity, with a target of creating 11 million more jobs by 2030 through higher investment, capacity building and greater labour absorption. This represents a positive new development in addressing education, training and labour issues moving forward.Finally, the report highlights obstacles to doing business in South Africa due to the high costs of crime and violence, recording a position of 134th in the world rankings with organised crime ranking South Africa at 111th. Government institutions negatively impact on business growth and development – South Africa is ranked 110th in the world for incidences of Favouritism in Decision of Government Officials, and 123rd for the Burden of Government Regulation on business development.On a positive note, if South Africa successfully addresses its challenges and continues to benchmark itself against its fellow BRICS members and the world in order to improve, it can hope for a better ranking in next year’s Global Competitiveness Report. South Africa remains open for business, but with an eye on making the changes needed to make it a genuinely global competitive player.While there may be challenges for South Africa in this year’s WEF report, earlier this year South Africa improved with two positions in the 2012 IMD Global Competitiveness Yearbook. South Africa improved its overall standing from number 52 in 2011, to 50 in 2012. In this year’s IMD competitiveness report the country improved its ranking in government efficiency 29 (up from 32 in 2011); business efficiency 37 (up from 40 in 2011); and infrastructure 54 (up from 56 in 2011).First published in the Sunday Independent, 16 September 2012.last_img read more

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Security: Cybercrime Costs and Incidents SkyRocket

first_imgOver the last year there has been a spike in the frequency and severity of cybercrime incidents.  The number of incidents reported increased by 56 percent and the average annual cost to a mid-size business now totals $6 million.  That estimate represents damages from “direct, indirect, and opportunity costs that resulted from the loss or theft of information, disruption to business operations, revenue loss, and destruction of property, plant, and equipment.”Those estimates were made in a report sponsored by HP’s recently acquired security and compliance business, HP ArcSight, and the study was conducted by the Ponemon Institute.  The study found that over the last year the time needed to respond to a cyberattack on an medium-sized organizations increased from 14 days to 18 days, and the daily cost of responding to cyberattacks has increased from $17,600 to $23,000. The average cost for resolving the consequences of a data breach now averages $416,000.Symantec senior director Bernard Laroche, said that small and mid-sized organizations are facing increased risks to their confidential information—including bank accounts, credit card information and customer and employee records.”  The average annual cost of incidents to small businesses is $188,242.A survey by ComRes in the UK found that roughly 50 percent of adults feel less secure in their online transactions compared to a year ago.  Small business, local governments and school districts are increasingly often the targets of attacks.  Cyber security in these smaller organizations tends to be less sophisticated, making them easy targets for organized crimes.  By some accounts, these small organizations are losing as much as $1 billion annually from cyber breakins — with many of these  incidents going unreported by the media.Small and Medium sized companies are not the only ones being targeted.  Large organizations are being targeted too, and should they become a victim of cybercrime, they generally have much more to lose.  McAfee reports that a “state actor”, most likely China, is behind numerous unauthorized entries into the computer systems of governments like the United States, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Canada; the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN); the International Olympic Committee (IOC); the World Anti-Doping Agency; and other companies including defense contractors and high-tech enterprises.In a report released by the white house in July, the National Security Council (NSC) describes the federal governments assessment of transnational organized cyber crimes.  The report identifies an important action item for the Obama administration is to “enhance domestic and foreign capabilities to combat the increasing involvement of TOC (transnational organised crime) networks in cybercrime and build international capacity to forensically exploit and judicially process digital evidence.”last_img read more

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Alternatives to Google Reader? Don’t Bother, You’re Not Going Anywhere…

first_imgRSS Readers Ain’t What They Used To BeThis is another key turning point for RSS Readers, perhaps the final innovation in this long struggling market. No longer are RSS Readers independent products with their own devoted, reading-focused users – or “word-y people” as one Google Reader fan described them on my G+ profile. Sure, the writing was already on the wall. Formally popular consumer RSS Readers like Bloglines and Newsgator have by now either disappeared, morphed into new products, or became focused on markets that will pay for them (which usually means the enterprise market). The RSS Reader market has declined because reading content is a very fragmented experience these days. That was my conclusion even back in 2009, when I cited the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Nearly two years later and the fragmentation has only multiplied. As well as Twitter and Facebook, there are tablet-focused apps such as Flipboard and, services like Instapaper and ReadItLater which make it even easier to read articles on mobile devices, and newly popular social services – like Google Plus.Where To Now For The Google Reader Community? Google Plus Of Course…Even despite all of the changes in the way people consume content on the Web, Google Reader had been the holdout as a specialist RSS Reader product. It has (had?) a passionate community of RSS Reader fanatics.While RSS reading as an activity will continue in Google Reader, as of today the sharing features have been “retired” and moved to Google Plus. Also the note-taking features. And because almost all community activity happens on social networks – like Google Plus – that effectively spells the end of any real innovation in the RSS Reader market. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting richard macmanus So what of these supposed alternatives to Google Reader? In fact, many of them rely on Google Reader. Google Reader powers – or its content can be plugged into – a number of the products that have forced the likes of Bloglines and Newsgator out of the consumer RSS market. Services like Flipboard for the iPad (Google Reader is one content input option) and Feedly (multi-platform, but one of its core features is that it syncs with Google Reader).So even if Google Reader users migrate to another product, they’ll likely still be connected to Google Reader in some way. May As Well Get Used To ItLouis Gray positioned the changes today as giving Google Reader users more granular ways to share things, by way of the circles feature of Plus. So, for example, you might share a technology post in Google Reader to your “Tech Friends” circle. That does sounds appealing to me. And already in my tests I’ve seen how easy it is to share things from Google Reader to Plus. So for people like me, where Google Plus is my (Google-related) social network anyway, the Reader changes are a positive thing. As for Google Reader’s avid fans, I feel for them – they have lost some beloved features. But they will simply have to get used to the changes, because there are no real alternatives left in the consumer RSS Reader market. Tags:#Google#RSS Readers#web center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Today Google Reader became the latest Google product to have Plus added to it. Now Google Reader users can +1 or share items to Google Plus, from within Reader. Google has made very clear over the past month that Plus will be integrated into all of Google’s products over time, so this wasn’t a surprising move. However, rather predictably, there has been a user backlash anyway. Writing on his G+ profile, Google Plus Marketing Manager and long-time RSS expert Louis Gray tried to assure everyone that they have choices: “We know that for some people, the changes to Reader will make you think differently about the product, and this may make you seek alternatives.” But are there in fact any viable alternatives to Google Reader?I believe that comment was a little disingenuous from Gray, because he knows that Google dominates what’s left of the RSS Reader market. There are always alternatives, but the reality is that relatively few people will use them. What’s more, most of the alternatives rely on Google Reader for content.So Google knows full well that most people will either stick with Google Reader, or still have a connection to it. If users do stick with Reader (by far the most likely scenario), they will use Plus a lot more now that it’s the only way to share. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

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Simba battle Yanga to sign Zanzibar Star Banka

first_imgLigi kuu Bara TPL Wrap: Simba battle Yanga to sign Zanzibar Star Banka Meshack Brighton Last updated 2 years ago 03:29 11/12/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Mohamed Issa - Mtibwa Spotiarena Ligi kuu Bara Tanzania Prisons v Simba Young Africans v Mbeya City Young Africans Mbeya City Simba Tanzania Prisons Goal takes a look at the biggest news and transfer stories from the Tanzania Premier League, Taifa Stars and Tanzanians abroad Simba are reportedly battling Young Africans for the signature of Mtibwa’s Mohamed Issa ‘Banka’.Simba and Yanga are both said to have scouted the Zanzibar player who is more likely to join Yanga.The central midfielder has continued his superb form into the early season with Yanga sending scouts to watch him in Mtibwa’s matches in October, according to reports. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Simba want Adam Miraji to replace Shomari KapombeSimba vs MtibwaSimba coach Joseph Omog has targeted African Lyon right back Miraji Adam to partner with Ally Shomari as a potential replacement for Shomari Kapombe, according to a report.Miraji told Goal that, Simba need him to partner with Ally Shomari after learning that the sidelined Shomari Kapombe will take long time than expected to get back in Msimbazi side club.”It is true, in the second half of the league I may join Simba if things will be as planned based on what we agreed, but for now I am still African Lyon player.”African Lyon are bracing themselves for the departure of Miraji Adam, as he has yet to commit to a new contract and is therefore able to speak to other clubs from January.Preview: Benin vs TanzaniaSalum Mayanga - Taifa StarsTaifa Stars head coach Salum Mayanga believes a victory against Benin will lift the country’s chance of climbing in the FIFA rankings.In the current Fifa ranking Benin is placed 79th, while Tanzania lies at position 139. This is a revenge encounter for Benin which lost 4-1 in a friendly held at the Tanzania National Stadium on October 14, 2014. The weekend encounter is scheduled to be held at the Stade de l’Amitiein Cotonou.Mayanga said Stars were going to face tough opposition from Benin due to the fact that most of the team’s players were featuring in various major leagues such as France, Austria, Cyprus and Turkey.“It is a good test for Taifa Stars, which is playing for the first time in Benin. We normally play our international friendly matches against Southern and East African opposition, but we managed to secure the game against Benin, which is among strong teams on the African continent,” said Mayanga.The tactician reavealed that players were currently in top morale and were ready to showcase their skills in the encounter. The team, including officials who took with them rice to prepare for the contigent while in Benin, left the country on Thursday.“My selection of Taifa Stars players was based on theor performance in various league matches in the Tanzania Mainland premier league.“The match against Benin will not be easy as we are playing a team that comprises experienced players who want a victory due to their previous 4-1 loss at our backyard,” said Mayanga.Mayanga said he was aware of the importance of the encounter even though team captain Mbwana Samatta was out of the squad due to injury. Other players who are not in the squad are Ramadhan Kabwili, Dickson Job, Mohamed Issa and Yohana Mkomola.“We will train here (Cotonou) for two days before we face Benin. The match is scheduled to start at 6pm Tanzanian time and we hope to record the best result possible,” he said. He said players such as Erasto Nyoni and Mzamilu Yasin were excluded from the squad after being shown a red card in the previous international friendly against Malawi at the Uhuru Stadium.“I have replaced Nyoni and Yasin with Jonas Mkude from Simba Sports Club and Mudathiri Yahya from Singida United, as the two players have shown great progress in previous league matches and I believe they will fill the gap,” he said.last_img read more

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Sylvanvale have a ball at clinic

first_imgThe 2015 Youth Trans Tasman Junior Clinic on Friday, 16 January at Remondis Stadium, Cronulla included a number of special guests, none more important than the group from the Sylvanvale Foundation. The group comprised of adults and young adults with different forms of physical and intellectual disabilities, all of whom had a great passion for learning about Touch Football and having as much fun as possible whilst doing so. With assistance from Touch Football Australia, New South Wales Touch Association and Cronulla Sharks staff, the group were provide a unique experience, by having a run around on the home ground of the Sharks as well as going home with a number of special gifts.Steve, a mad Cronulla Sharks fan, had an amazing time, and showed off all of the skills that he had learnt as part of the clinic, including trick passes and touchdowns.The Sylvanvale Foundation’s Operations Manager, Marti Travers, said the group have not stopped raving about their time at the clinic and are looking forward to using their new found skills.The group also had a chance to meet and speak with Australian Touch Football representatives, as well as members of the Cronulla Sharks NRL side, and made sure they got plenty of gear signed to keep as a memory of this special day.The Sylvanvale Foundation works with children and adults with disabilities to provide them with experiences as well help them to successfully live in their communities.More information on the Sylvanvale Foundation can be found at – To view photos from the day, head to the TFA Facebook page – and stay tuned to the TFA YouTube channel for the highlights – Related LinksSylvanvale Cliniclast_img read more

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Maine expanding program to vaccinate raccoons in the wild

first_imgPORTLAND, Maine – Wildlife officials are boosting a program to vaccinate raccoons in the wild in an effort prevent the spread of rabies in Maine and northward into Canada.About 351,000 oral rabies vaccination baits are going to be distributed over a 2,400-square-mile area in northeastern Maine between Aug. 3 and 7, said Emily Spencer, of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That compares to 125,000 doses over a 900-square mile area last year.One of the reasons for the program’s expansion is to prevent the northern spread of raccoon-variant rabies that has been found north of the border in parts of Canada where rabies has been absent for a couple of decades, said Dr. Michele Walsh, Maine state veterinarian.But the program also benefits Maine, where there already have been 30 cases this year of animal rabies in 15 of Maine’s 16 counties, she said.Those rabies cases include several that made the news including a woman bitten by a rabid fox on her porch in Monmouth and man who battled a crazed fox in Topsham. In another case, a jogger was attacked by a rabid raccoon that she killed with her bare hands in Hope.The Wildlife Services program within the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service began the vaccination program in 2003. The program is part of an effort from the Canadian border to Alabama to prevent raccoon rabies from moving into new areas.There has been an overall decrease in rabies in places like New England, where the oral vaccinations have been distributed to wildlife, said R. Andre Bell, a USDA spokesman.“For example, through the use of (vaccinations), raccoon rabies has essentially been eliminated from peninsular Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in recent years,” he said.The bait is coated in fishmeal to lure raccoons and is distributed on the ground in populated areas and by air in rural forested areas. The vaccine is harmless to humans and has been tested on more than 60 species of animals including dogs and cats, officials say.last_img read more

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Outsiders fail to see crisis looming in Shoal Lake 40

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe state of emergency continues tonight in Shoal Lake 40 First Nation.The community’s only link to the mainland is a ferry that’s been declared unseaworthy.Now there’s a scramble to get supplies in and sick people out.As Jaydon Flett tells us, what outsiders may see as an inconvenience has put Shoal Lake in a crisis.last_img

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Fifth STACR of 2015 Priced at 950 Million After RMBS Deal of

first_img Share Debt Notes Freddie Mac Structured Agency Credit Risk 2015-06-15 Seth Welborn June 15, 2015 484 Views in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, Newscenter_img Less than one week after Freddie Mac’s Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR) debt notes received the RMBS Deal of the Year award from Global Capital, Freddie Mac announced the pricing of the fifth STACR offering of 2015 on Monday.The latest STACR debt notes offering, 2015-DNA2, was priced at $950 million (pending market conditions), making it the second-highest total for a STACR offering this year. The third offering was originally announced in April at $720 million but shortly increased up to $1.01 billion due to market demand. Freddie Mac expects to make eight STACR offerings overall in 2015.The 2015-DNA2 offering will be Freddie Mac’s second offering in which losses will be allocated based on actual losses realized on the related reference obligations rather using a fixed severity approach to allocate losses (the first such transaction for Freddie Mac occurred in May, priced at $425.6 million). The reference pool of single-family mortgages for Series 2015-DNA2 includes loans originated from August to November 2014 with an aggregate UPB of more than $31.9 billion.Co-lead managers and joint bookrunners for the transaction are Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, and JPMorgan Securities. The approximate date for when the offering will settle is June 29, 2015. Freddie Mac holds the senior loss risk in the reference pool as well as a portion of the risk for Class M-1, M-2, M-3 and the first loss Class B tranche; the M-1, M-2, M-3, and MACR classes are rated by Kroll Bond Ratings Agency and Moody’s.Freddie Mac transfers a portion of credit risk on certain single-family loans to private investors using the STACR program and has led the market in introducing new risk-sharing initiatives in the last two years. Since initiating the program in 2013, Freddie Mac has laid off a portion of credit risk on more than $281 billion in unpaid principal balance for single-family mortgages through 13 STACR offerings and seven Agency Credit Insurance Structure (ACIS) transactions. More than one million loans have been represented in those transactions.The STACR offerings have received two major awards in the last two years; apart from Friday’s announcement of receiving the RMBS Deal of the Year award from GlobalCapital, STACR received the Global Structured Deal of the Year Award from GlobalCapital’s parent company, Euromoney, in 2014. Kevin Palmer, VP of Credit Risk Transfer at Freddie Mac, said the Enterprise is “proud of our role in leading market innovations that return value to the nation and move housing forward.” Fifth STACR of 2015 Priced at $950 Million After RMBS Deal of the Year Awardlast_img read more

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