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Trans Tasman

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) and Touch New Zealand (TNZ) are pleased to announce that the two countries will hold three Trans Tasman series in the lead-up to the 2011 World Cup.In a meeting held last week between the two nations in New Zealand to discuss the development of the sport, the countries agreed to the re-introduction of the Trans Tasman series.Colm Maguire, Chief Executive Officer of TFA, said “It is a wonderful joint initiative of which has been long overdue. The agreement will greatly improve the marketability of the sport and ensure higher representation for our elite players to strive for”. Joe Sprangers, Chief Executive Officer of TNZ was equally ecstatic of the announcement. Joe said “The Trans Tasman series is a great sporting rivalry that New Zealand is committed to continue. Touch New Zealand is proud to be able to offer and be associated with the Trans Tasman series”.Although unconfirmed, initial indications are that a series will be held in April in Australia in 2009 with the return leg held in New Zealand in November 2009. The third series will be played in 2010 at a venue and timeframe to be communicated in time.Although some time off, the Trans Tasman series will have players and spectators salivating at the prospect. The two champion teams have not faced each other since the World Cup in South Africa in 2007. The two sides have also not met on Australian soil since 2002. Many long-serving Australian stalwarts have yet to play a game on home soil and will grasp the opportunity against the best in the world.More information will be provided in due course, but if you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact your respective national sporting organisation. Related Filestrans_tasman-pdflast_img read more

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Sylvanvale have a ball at clinic

first_imgThe 2015 Youth Trans Tasman Junior Clinic on Friday, 16 January at Remondis Stadium, Cronulla included a number of special guests, none more important than the group from the Sylvanvale Foundation. The group comprised of adults and young adults with different forms of physical and intellectual disabilities, all of whom had a great passion for learning about Touch Football and having as much fun as possible whilst doing so. With assistance from Touch Football Australia, New South Wales Touch Association and Cronulla Sharks staff, the group were provide a unique experience, by having a run around on the home ground of the Sharks as well as going home with a number of special gifts.Steve, a mad Cronulla Sharks fan, had an amazing time, and showed off all of the skills that he had learnt as part of the clinic, including trick passes and touchdowns.The Sylvanvale Foundation’s Operations Manager, Marti Travers, said the group have not stopped raving about their time at the clinic and are looking forward to using their new found skills.The group also had a chance to meet and speak with Australian Touch Football representatives, as well as members of the Cronulla Sharks NRL side, and made sure they got plenty of gear signed to keep as a memory of this special day.The Sylvanvale Foundation works with children and adults with disabilities to provide them with experiences as well help them to successfully live in their communities.More information on the Sylvanvale Foundation can be found at – To view photos from the day, head to the TFA Facebook page – and stay tuned to the TFA YouTube channel for the highlights – Related LinksSylvanvale Cliniclast_img read more

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Tents considered blessing for homeless in San Diego

first_imgSAN DIEGO – Christine Wade found a haven in the tent she shared with six children, pitched in an asphalt parking lot.It was, at least, far better than their previous home in the city, a shelter where rats ate through the family’s bags of clothes and chewed on 2-year-old Jaymason’s stroller. Roughly 50 of the encampment’s 200 residents were children, so Wade’s kids had plenty of playmates.“It’s peaceful here,” Wade, 31, who is eight months pregnant, said in an October interview. “There’s coffee first thing in the morning. We can hang out here in the daytime. I mean what more could you ask for?”A tent, of course, is not a home. But for these San Diegans, it is a blessing.Like other major cities all along the West Coast, San Diego is struggling with a homeless crisis. In a place that bills itself as “America’s Finest City,” renowned for its sunny weather, surfing and fish tacos, spiraling real estate values have contributed to spiraling homelessness, leaving more than 3,200 people living on the streets or in their cars.Most alarmingly, the explosive growth in the number of people living outdoors has contributed to a hepatitis A epidemic that has killed 20 people in the past year — the worst U.S. outbreak of its kind in 20 years. Deplorable sanitary conditions help spread the liver-damaging virus that lives in feces.“Some of the most vulnerable are dying in the streets in one of the most desirable and livable regions in America,” a San Diego County grand jury wrote in its report in June — reiterating warnings it gave the city repeatedly over the past decade to better address homelessness.San Diego has struggled to do that. Two years ago, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, a moderate Republican, closed a downtown tent shelter that operated for 29 years during winter months. He promised a “game changer” — a new, permanent facility with services to funnel people to housing.But it wasn’t enough.The result? Legions of Californians without shelter. A spreading contagion. Endless political disputes over what can and should be done — and mounting bills for taxpayers. Struggling schools and other institutions. And an extraordinary challenge to the city’s sunny identity that threatens its key tourism industry.For now, San Diego again is turning to tents. The campground where the Wades lived was only temporary; this month, officials are opening three industrial-sized tents that will house a total of 700 people.There are plans afoot to build less-makeshift housing. But to deal with the immediate emergency and operate the giant tents, the city had to take $6.5 million that had been budgeted for permanent homes.Democrat Councilman David Alvarez cast the only vote against the plan. “Had we actually invested in a homeless strategy, we would not be here today being asked to warehouse 700 people in giant tents,” he said.Republican Councilwoman Lorie Zapf’s mother was mentally ill and died homeless in Los Angeles. She agreed with Alvarez that the tents were not a perfect solution to San Diego’s crisis, but she could not in good conscience pass up a chance to get people off the streets.“We need to do anything we can to stop this tsunami of people who are ending up on our sidewalks,” she said.___“The people of San Diego need to decide what they want the city to look like,” said Gordon Walker, who took the helm this summer of the San Diego Regional Task Force on the Homeless amid praise for his efforts in combatting chronic homelessness in Utah.“San Francisco has essentially given up its streets to the homeless,” added Walker, who served as deputy undersecretary for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Reagan administration. “It could go either way here. The real issue is we don’t have enough housing.”Last year, the number of people living outdoors in San Diego jumped 18 per cent over the previous year, according to an annual count taken in January. More than 400 makeshift shelters sprung up downtown, covering sidewalks across from new high-rise apartment buildings that have climbed in lockstep with the booming biotech-heavy economy and soaring rents, among the nation’s highest. A studio apartment goes for around $1,500 a month, on average.Most of the homeless, like the Wade family, did not migrate to San Diego to live on the streets but are local residents who became homeless in a city where rents increased nearly 8 per cent in a year. High-rise buildings have replaced discount residential buildings that offered single rooms for rent, housing people living paycheque-to-paycheque. Nearly half of the 9,000 rooms have disappeared since 2003.In October, as the hepatitis death toll climbed and the city declared a homeless emergency, Faulconer and the non-profit Alpha Project opened the Balboa Park campground where the Wades found shelter. The city installed public washing stations, opened 24-hour restrooms and scrubbed streets with a bleach solution.Police also cracked down, issuing hundreds of citations, largely for illegal lodging. Within weeks, the nearly 400 tents and tarps downtown were gone. Those who work with the homeless say they simply scattered.“It could be like a campfire when all the embers are spread out. It either dies out or it catches other areas and makes a bigger fire than we originally had,” said Dr. Jeffrey Norris, the medical director of Father Joe’s Villages, which runs a clinic that treats 2,800 homeless annually.The number of encampments hidden in the brush and bamboo along the banks of the San Diego River doubled.“It’s being used as a toilet,” said Zapf, whose council district includes the river, bays and beaches.The San Diego River Park Foundation’s mission is to preserve the river, a green ribbon that starts from snowmelt in the mountains east of San Diego and builds as it snakes through a valley of cottonwood groves and continues under freeway overpasses by shopping centres.The foundation spent $115,000 removing 250,000 pounds of trash left by the homeless camps this year. Litter is carried by the river, which feeds into the Pacific at a popular dog beach.Director Rob Hutsel said he gets asked by potential donors about the foundation’s plans to create a 52-mile-long river park and trail system: “What about the homeless? Don’t build a park. It’ll just bring in more.”“Gosh, parks are good,” he said. “There shouldn’t be any thought about building a park. That’s so unfortunate.”___Laurie Britton operates an organic coffee roasting business and coffee shop, Cafe Virtuoso, in the Barrio Logan neighbourhood. The winter shelter was nearby, and Britton was among those who supported its closure two years ago because it drew throngs of homeless people to the area.But when it closed, the problem exploded. Tents, tarps, shopping carts, needles and trash spilled into the street, making it difficult to drive to her cafe.Her customers’ cars would get bashed by bottles or sprayed with urine. People locked themselves in the bathroom to do drugs. One Saturday, Britton dressed up to give a tour but had to scrape piles of human feces off the sidewalk first. Another morning, a man flashed a knife and glared when she asked him not to put a tarp next to her cafe’s parking fence.She issued pepper spray to her 14 employees.“If it gets out of hand, the girls know to grab the pepper spray and do what you have to do,” she said. “The reality is I am here to protect my customers and employees. It’s not my job to give you a bathroom and free water. And clean up when you just peed on my door. Really? This is hard enough. I don’t need to be doing that.”Since the city started cleaning up the streets, business has increased by 20 per cent. She now welcomes the giant tents — two of which are within a block of her business — if people eventually end up in permanent housing.She’s also trying to help. Her coffee roasting lab offers job training and works with a school exclusively for homeless students.“But if it gets as bad as it was again, I’d probably move,” she said.John Long did relocate his Halcyon coffee bar and lounge in October to San Marcos, a town north of San Diego. Three years ago, the hip Austin-based chain opened to much fanfare as a sign of downtown’s gentrification, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a patio that looked onto a new park.But espresso-drinking customers ended up with a view of people sleeping on the grass.“One had to hope that with that much investments going into the area downtown, the city would keep the sidewalk clean — especially the park — but that didn’t happen,” Long said.Long kept his lease and may someday reopen a business there. First, though, “There needs to be a dramatic change and action.”___Father Joe’s Villages is working on a $531 million plan to take about 2,700 people off the streets through new construction or by refurbishing motels over the next five years. Federal, state and local funds will cover most of the cost, but the charity still must raise $120 million.“That’s truly what we need just to make a dent,” said Deacon Jim Vargas, the group’s president.The mayor has earmarked more than $80 million to reduce homelessness over the next three years. The plan includes incentives for landlords and $30 million for developers to create 300 affordable units. The goal is for 65 per cent of tent occupants to be moved into housing.“Ultimately the goal is to put everyone in a home who wants to be,” Faulconer told The Associated Press. “We need to get people off the streets now and then move forward on constructing units.”But the temporary solution is expensive. At a cost of $1,700 per person per month, $6.5 million will cover seven months, but the tents may need to remain open for up to two years, depending on the housing market, according to the San Diego Housing Commission’s head, Rick Gentry.Meanwhile, San Diego County has spent more than $4 million to cope with the hepatitis outbreak. Public health nurses carting coolers of the vaccine have administered more than 100,000 shots, including outside restrooms and libraries and under freeway overpasses.It didn’t have to come to this, said Michael McConnell, a retired businessman-turned-activist who prods the city to stop arresting the homeless.“The slogan ‘America’s Finest City’ is being tarnished day by day because the city has been turning a blind eye to its most vulnerable,” McConnell said, as crews sprayed a bleach solution along 17th Street in September after people moved bags, bicycles and overflowing grocery carts.In 2005 and in 2015, the grand jury recommended the city provide more public restrooms to its homeless population. But city officials feared they would attract drug dealers. They also balked at the $250,000 estimated installation cost and the hundreds of thousands of dollars believed needed to operate them.Then hepatitis A made it everyone’s problem.With more than 560 cases and more than 360 people hospitalized, doctors recommended vaccinations to anyone who regularly goes downtown. Members of one fire crew were inoculated after stomping through human feces.___At Perkins Elementary School, staffers have found excrement and urine outside classrooms before the school opened for the day, and some worry the hepatitis virus may be brought into the school on shoes. Perkins has a playground with a panoramic view of sleek high-rises and the shiny dome of the city’s new central library; it also has a student body that is more than a quarter homeless, up from 4 per cent three years ago.Homelessness takes a particular toll on the young. Fernando Hernandez, Perkins’ principal, said many of the homeless students are far below grade levels. Some have not attended school in years.“We have first graders who get out of bed and get to school on their own,” Hernandez said. “Some come to school after sleeping on a floor and don’t sleep well. That may be why they are not learning. So we have to recalibrate our expectations.”Shawnni Wade was a straight-A student as a third grader before her family’s troubles escalated. In all the upheaval, she left the school; now, she’s returned as a seventh grader.“It’s weird to be back,” said the girl with bright green eyes and a sly smile.But then, little about this 12-year-old girl’s life has been normal.Christine Wade’s ex-husband’s drug addiction got them booted from apartments and then a shelter. After they divorced, he let Wade care for his two daughters, whom she had raised for eight years. She moved the six children to a residential hotel, where she paid $1,200 a month for a kitchenette with two queen beds.But Wade, who is in poor health, often called in sick. She lost her job cleaning hospital rooms.A month later, she discovered she was pregnant, despite birth control. A doctor talked to her about abortion. “I didn’t have the heart to do that,” she said.Without her income, she lost the kitchenette last spring.“There’s so little help for a big family,” Wade said.She could find space only in a rat-infested shelter, where the family lived before landing in the Balboa Park campground. As the sun set on their second night there, Shawnni — oblivious to nearby freeway traffic — looked to the sky and said she liked camping. Wade smiled.Then, a few weeks ago, Wade fell ill again and was hospitalized. She could not return to the campground in her condition, so the family moved into yet another shelter.A caseworker is now helping her find a home. She hopes to have one before next month, when she expects to give birth to a son.___Follow AP’s complete coverage of the West Coast homeless crisis here: read more

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Financing lawsuits among feds options for Trans Mountain says Carr

first_imgThe federal government has jurisdiction over infrastructure that crosses provincial borders, including highways and pipelines. Trans Mountain runs between Edmonton and Burnaby, B.C., and the expansion, approved by Ottawa in November 2016, would triple its capacity.Conservative MP Chris Warkentin says Trudeau should immediately demand a meeting with Horgan if he is really serious about getting the pipeline built. The MP says he wouldn’t oppose government investments in projects like this, but said he’s not hearing the company ask for handouts.Rather, says Warkentin, Kinder Morgan wants government to solve the political impasse.B.C. says it is going to ask the courts to decide if it can legally regulate against increased oil flows through pipelines. Alberta and the federal government insist it does not. Horgan says he will frame a question to the court to decide the issue. The company would be open to government investment if it brought certainty to the project, CEO Steve Kean said Monday.Carr isn’t saying that a federal investment is a certainty, only that it is among the options on the table, along with legal and regulatory manoeuvres.“We’re looking at all available options,” Carr said, without getting into specifics.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dodged the question of federal investment during a news conference in Montreal, saying only there is a “broad range of options” for Ottawa to consider.Trudeau said he had “a long conversation” with B.C. Premier John Horgan by phone Sunday night and said he doesn’t think Horgan should be intervening in an area of federal jurisdiction.“I impressed upon him the importance of working together and respecting the federal responsibility for protecting things that are in the national interest,” Trudeau said. “This is a pipeline in the national interest and it will get built.” OTTAWA, O.N. – A federal investment in the Trans Mountain pipeline is one of the possibilities the Liberal government is considering to help get the controversial project completed, says Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says her province is prepared to invest in the pipeline directly if it would help keep investors on board – a notion her opposition rival, United Conservative party Leader Jason Kenney, says he would support as long as Ottawa also puts money on the table.Opposition from British Columbia, including a threat to pass regulations that would prevent additional oil flows through the province, spooked Trans Mountain investors enough that Kinder Morgan called a halt Sunday to all non-essential spending on the project.center_img Canada considered asking the Supreme Court for a jurisdictional ruling earlier this year, but opted not to because it would have implied there was doubt about jurisdiction, when federal officials say there is none.A reference also would have taken at least a year, possibly two, with the project hanging in the balance in the interim.Brian Lee Crowley, managing director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa, said the federal Liberals are up against the wall because they have alienated some of their environmental supporters by backing this pipeline and now they may end up with nothing to show for it.Crowley says the previous government wasn’t able to get pipelines built and Trudeau’s promise that he would introduce environmental protections and climate change policies like the carbon tax in order to get buy-in to build pipelines thus far has failed.“We have not yet brought together the winning conditions,” said Crowley.He said he doesn’t think ultimately federal financing will drive this project to completion.“This has now become an issue of if the law prevails in Canada or if angry minorities can prevail,” said Crowley.Kinder Morgan already has a court injunction requiring protesters to stay 50 metres away from its Burnaby marine terminal work sites. More than 160 people have been arrested since then, including Green party Leader Elizabeth May and NDP MP Kennedy Stewart.NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said if the Trudeau government had properly fulfilled its promise to provide an improved, fully independent environmental review of the project maybe they would have been able to get the social licence for the project.The Liberals introduced an overhauled environmental assessment process in legislation now making its way through Parliament. However Trans Mountain was approved in 2016 under an earlier interim process.last_img read more

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CRPF trooper kills three colleagues shoots self

first_imgJammu: A Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) trooper shot dead three colleagues and then shot and seriously wounded himself in Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir, police said on Thursday. CRPF Constable Ajit Singh fired shot dead the three colleagues inside a camp in Battal Ballian area on Wednesday night after a heated exchange of words, a police officer said. The incident occurred around 10.40 p.m. Ajit Singh belongs to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The deceased were identified as Head Constables Umeed Singh of Rewari (Haryana), Yogendra Sharma (Delhi) and Pokarmal of Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan). Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details This is the first fratricidal incident of this year in Jammu and Kashmir. Security forces have in the past engaged counsellors to address the problem which have been attributed to long duty hours in hostile environment, separation from families, lack of recreational activities and a weak command and control structure. Better command and control, frequent leave facilities to join families and adequate recreational facilities are some of the remedial measures suggested by counsellors to address the problem.last_img read more

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Builder gets 3year jail for failing to hand over flat to buyer

first_imgMumbai: The Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has sentenced a city-based builder to three years imprisonment for failing to comply with an earlier order directing him to hand over possession of a flat to the buyer.As per the commission’s bench, presided by its president, retired judge A P Bhangale, and member S K Kakade, SD Constructions’ owner Shekhar Dadarkar deliberately disobeyed its 2016 order by which his firm was directed to deliver possession of the flat to buyer Arun Kejriwal within a period of three months. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The panel noted that while the complainant (Kejriwal) paid the balance amount, the builder (Dadarkar) failed to abide by the final order. The commission, in its order passed on April 18, said, “Dadarkar shall be taken into custody for imprisonment…if the accused complies with the final order of this panel passed on September 20, 2016, he shall be released from jail.” In its order, the panel noted that Dadarkar, with a view to cheat the complainant, sold the said flat to another person. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K”Thus, there is deliberate disobedience to the final order passed by this panel on September 20, 2016. Only adjournments have been sought on the ground that the opponent (Dadarkar) will try to settle the matter with the complainant, but nothing has been done either to offer alternative flat in the vicinity or to get the flat vacated,” the panel noted. “…we are satisfied that the opponent has committed deliberate disobedience or he is guilty of wilful omission on his part to comply with our order,” the commission said. It found Dadarkar guilty of the offence punishable under the Consumer Protection Act and sentenced him to simple imprisonment of three years and also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on him. According to the complainant, he had booked a 1,165 sq ft flat in SD Constructions’ project in suburban Kandivili in 2005. When he did not get possession of the flat till 2007, he approached the consumer panel.last_img read more

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Vote for AAP because we worked for development CM to people

first_imgNEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday held a roadshow for West Delhi candidate Balbir Singh Jakhar. The road show was held at the Dwarka in presence of local MLAs and other leaders. This was held a day after the Chief Minister was slapped by a person in a roadshow in North East Delhi. For the Sunday rally, the security for the Delhi CM was increased by the police.In the roadshow, the Chief Minister urged the people to vote for the Aam Aadmi Party because they have worked for the development of Delhi. The CM also warned the people and urged not to vote for the Congress party. Also Read – Odd-Even: CM seeks transport dept’s views on exemption to women, two wheelers, CNG vehiclesMeanwhile, Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani and Kannada actor Prakash Raj campaigned for AAP’s East Delhi candidate Atishi on Sunday, a party leader said. Kafeel Khan, whose name surfaced in the death case of 63 children at Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College, also campaigned in East Delhi for Atishi. The AAP claimed Khan was hailed as a “hero” for arranging jumbo oxygen cylinders to save dying kids. “The fabulous results of 94.24 per cent students passing in the XII board exams this year is a lasting legacy of her work in government schools.” tweeted Mevani. Also Read – More good air days in Delhi due to Centre’s steps: JavadekarIn another tweet, he wrote, “In East Delhi with AAP’s candidate Atishi. This is AAP’s candidate and the people’s. She is working being between you, and wishes to work for your benefit. No caste, no religion – press the button on work.” Mevani also addressed a gathering at Old Seemapuri where he said, “I came here from Gujarat to support your candidate Atishi. I come from Gujarat but I am not a lier and I speak truth.” Mevni attacked PM Narendra Modi and explained why it is important this election to defeat Modi-Shah regime. Actor-turned-politician Prakash Raj will campaign for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi for a week. Raj began his campaign from the Northeast Lok Sabha constituency on Saturday evening with a meeting in support of AAP candidate Dilip Pandey at Babarpur. On Sunday, he campaigned for Atishi in East Delhi. “AAP is fighting elections on the issues of health, education, their vision, and based on their work. I am here to support such candidates, such party, which is fighting for a change in this election compared to other parties,” he said. “This is what we need. This is my gesture and my belief that different people with different thought processes but love for the country need to come together to reclaim our republic, which is on the verge –and which we may lose –with the onslaught of communal and hate politics of the government that is in place,” he added. Meanwhile, Dr Khan praised Atishi and said, ” We want to see that people like Atishi is going to Parliament. Here the fight is between Atishi and BJP’s Gautam Gambhir, therefore, do not ever do the mistake of choosing BJP because they have shattered the democracy of India.”last_img read more

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Puerto Rico Classic struggles part of the process for Ohio State mens

The Ohio State men’s golf team wrapped up the Puerto Rico Classic with a 13th place finish out of 15 teams, but coach Donnie Darr said the score did not reflect the team’s overall performance. After starting off the tournament shooting a 16-over score of 304 in Sunday’s first round at the Rio Mar Country Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, the Buckeyes improved their score each of the next two rounds, shooting a 294 and 290, respectively. Overall, the 24-over score of 888 “didn’t really give a true indication of how well we played,” Darr said. “It’s just the process, and the guys are working hard. They’re doing the right things and the more reps we get in this spring, I think the better we’re gonna play,” Darr said. “I’m not at all surprised that we improved each day.” Leading the way for the young OSU team was freshmen Max Rosenthal, who compiled a score of 4-over 220 for the tournament. He had the team’s low round for the first two rounds with a 74 and 70, respectively, and shot 76 in the final round to finish T-36 overall for the tournament. Rosenthal said his ball striking was solid each round, but his short game and chipping from 40-60 yards from the hole wasn’t working too well. He said not being able to practice the shots within 60 yards on a regular basis is tough because of the amount of touch needed for each. Freshman Michael Bernard, who led the Buckeyes in the final round, finished T-39 overall. Bernard, like most of the rest of the team, improved his score each day with rounds of 77-74-70 for a 5-over score of 221. “I played a lot of good golf this week, but there’s just a few mistakes that I need to clean up. But it’s early in the season,” Bernard said. Bernard had four birdies in a five-hole stretch from numbers 7 through 11 in the final round. He also started off 5-under through his first 10 holes in Sunday’s first round, but shot 10-over in the final eight holes for a 77. The main problem facing OSU throughout the week was the “visually intimidating” golf course itself, the River Course, Darr said. The “typical island-resort type golf course,” Darr said, featured water hazards on nearly every hole. Visit for the rest of this story. “At times, we let some of the visual stuff bother us, a lot of loose shots and it turned into a lot of balls in the water that we normally wouldn’t hit if we were in midseason form,” Darr said. “Visually, it’s very difficult and very demanding that you stay focused and stay committed to your targets, and that’s ultimately just where we struggled.” On the other hand, a good indication of the team’s performance was the number of birdies throughout the week. OSU collected 50 birdies during the three days. “We made a lot of birdies, and making birdies is difficult when you haven’t been practicing outdoors and you don’t have the confidence that you’re used to having because you’ve got a lot of reps in,” Darr said. “So for us to be able to make as many birdies as we made down there, I thought that was a great sign.” Sophomores Boo Timko and Grant Weaver also improved their scores each day. Timko shot 76-74-73 to finish T-47, and Weaver shot 79-76-71 to finish T-55. Alabama took home the title, finishing with a 33-under 831. Northwestern led the four Big Ten Conference teams with a sixth-place finish at 1-under 863. OSU will return to action for the Seminole Intercollegiate March 15-17 at the Southwood Golf Club in Tallahassee, Fla. read more

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West Ham considering move for Jonjo Shelvey

first_imgWest Ham United are reportedly considering a move for Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey, according to Sports Mole.The former Liverpool midfielder is currently nursing a thigh injury and has featured only 10 times for the Magpies this season.Despite the lack of match opportunities at the St James’ Park this season, reports in the English press claims that the 26-year-old has attracted interest from Premier League rivals West Ham.Manuel Pellegrini is believed to be a keen admirer of Shelvey and would relish the opportunity to bring the England international to the London Stadium this month.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…However, Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez will not sanction Shelvey’s sale unless a suitable replacement is acquired by the club.West Ham have already completed the signing of free agent Samir Nasri on a short-term deal, with the former Manchester City playmaker impressing during an hour display against Birmingham City in the FA Cup last season.last_img read more

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Longterm soft loan for housing customers sought

first_imgParticipants pose for photograph at a roundtable on ‘Problems in Housing Sector and Wayout’ organised by Prothom Alo at its office on Sunday. Photo: Prothom AloPeople interested in buying a flat or plot have been advised to consult with Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) or capital development authority and Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) for confirming authenticity of documents.At a roundtable on the housing sector on Sunday, stakeholders also urged the government to provide loan and other facilities to make housing affordable to the middle class families.”Customers are not getting flats in Dhaka city at an affordable cost despite huge demands,” said Alamgir Shamsul Alamin, president of REHAB, the trade body of housing companies.He recommended that the government should provide long-term home loans to the customers as private banks are not able to give home loans at 5-6 per cent interest rate.Also came the demand for reducing registration fees — an issue that is already being considered by the government to ease purchase of flats for the fixed income group of people.Prothom Alo in association with REHAB organised the roundtable styled ‘Problems in Housing Sector and Wayout’ at its Karwanbazar office. “Like any other sector, the country’s housing sector needs to ensure good governance to win the confidence of the people,” said Centre for Urban Studies chairman Nazrul Islam Khan.He urged the government to under projects “in a much larger scale” for providing housing facilities to the lower income group of people of Dhaka city.Narzul Islam, an urban planner who is also former chairman of University Grants Commission, called on both the government and the private sector actors to work for decentralising cities.Hasanuzzaman Kollol, a joint secretart at the housing and public works ministry, said the government is working to establish transparency and accountability in the housing sector.Environment activist and archichect Iqbal Habib regretted that although housing is one of fundamental rights of the people, the government is “doing little to provide housing facility” to them.Also joint secretary of green group Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon (BAPA), he recommended that regenerating the existing city space is the only solution to the country’s housing crisis.An estimated 26 million people will live in Dhaka’s metropolitan area by the year 2035 and they will need 6.1 million housing units, according to RAJUK’s urban planner Ashraful Islam.“Alongside building new cities, RAJUK is working on regenerating the existing city to accommodate such a huge number of people,” he added.Former president of REHAB Tanvirul Haque said red-tapism should be addressed to help the housing sector grow.“Getting required approval from government offices still take a lot of time. it shouldn’t take long time,” he added.REHAB vice president Liakat Ali Bhuiyan said many other sectors are directly connected with the housing industry. “When the housing sector fails, a lot of other sectors are also affected,” he added.At the beginning of the programme, Prothom Alo’s digital business manager Javed Sultan presented the outcome of country’s first online housing fair Berger Abashon Mela organised by Prothom Alo.“The fair got 160,000 unique visitors, of whom 40 per cent were from abroad. As many as 2,400 customers gave primary booking through the fair,” he informed the stakeholders.National Housing Authority engineer Bijoy Kumar Mondol, Building Technogy and Idea Limited’s managing director FR Khan, vice president of REHAB Kamal Mahmud and Khairul Bashar of Concord Group of Companies’ among others, spoke at the programme moderated by Prothom Alo associate editor Abul Qayyum.last_img read more

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