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Disney Bucket List – What’s on Ours?

first_imgSo there you go, that’s what we’re dreaming of. Lots of trips abroad whether with Adventures by Disney or to the parks, some personal victories, and one very romantic idea from James (every other Disney Husband is ON NOTICE). How about you? Talk in the comments or hit us up on Twitter #DisneyBucketList or Facebook. Or share a photo with us on Instagram of you checking something off your list- and don’t forget to hashtag it #DisneyBucketList. Share This!Most theme park fans have a bucket list. Whether it’s hitting every international Disney park or finally experiencing that very expensive meal you’ve always wanted, there’s usually something that brings a wistful look to our eyes. With that in mind, we asked our fabulous blog team: “What’s on your Disney bucket list?”Claire:1. Star Wars Day at Sea. I have yet to do a Disney Cruise, and if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right: Lucasfilm panelists, movies shown on a loop, characters galore, amazing cosplay, and delicious food. Coincidentally, all of it happens to be on a majestic cruise ship which in and of itself has amazing perks!2. Tokyo Disneyland/Disney SEA3. A week in the Grand Californian Resort4. Adventures by Disney to Africa5. Eat at Sanaa and finally have that bread about which I’ve heard so much.Photo – Erin FosterSarah:1. An Adventures by Disney European Rhine River Cruise because it stops in four countries and includes amazing port activities2. A stay in a club level suite at the Contemporary Resort3. Take a combination Disneyland/Aulani trip4. Dine with an Imagineer at Hollywood Brown Derby5. Take the Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic tripAngela:My number one bucket list item is to spend a night (or two) in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World. Growing up, I was that kid who watched Disney Princess films over…and over…and over. My poor family; I made them listen to me for HOURS as I serenaded them with Disney song after Disney song. There was about a seven-year period where I truly thought I was a Princess. (Of course, being the youngest and only girl of three older brother’s only exacerbated this delusion.) Spending the night in Cinderella Castle would bring me back to my roots and reaffirm my mindset that anyone can be a royal…whether they’re three, or 83.2. Take over for Stacey Aswad, host of “Must Do Disney TV” (I’d even co-host!)3. Complete every behind the scenes tour offered at Walt Disney World4. Visit Tokyo Disneyland5. Go on my first Disney Cruise (The Fantasy)Photo – Laurel StewartDani:1. Polynesian Bungalow. Say what you will about these accomodations, like poorly positioned, view blockers, under serviced, and overpriced, I still want to stay in one, just once. Two or three nights would suffice. I love Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, almost as much as I love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. I am very fortunate that I’ve stayed in a Treehouse Villa a few times over the years and recently a three bedroom grand villa at Kidani Village. I desperately want to cross these exotic bungalows off my list.2. Victoria & Albert’s3. Grand I (one) yacht cruise4. Epcot Seas Adventures – DiveQuest5. Eat each meal of the day, in one day, at Epcot’s France Pavilion (brasserie for breakfast, Chef de France for lunch, and Monsieur Paul for dinner).Rikki:1. I’ve done the domestic resort areas – WDW, Disneyland, and Aulani, but my real true wish is to get to every other Disney Resort around the world. My top choice would be Tokyo and Paris, then Shanghai, then Hong Kong. In that order.2. I’ve been lucky enough to take multiple sailings on Disney Cruise Line, but I would love to take one of the reposition cruises. The idea of being able to fully have time to experience what the ships have to offer is huge. You don’t get that opportunity with a trip that has frequent port stops.3. Adventures by Disney.  Particularly one of the Backstage Magic ones where I could see some of the classic Disney stuff, like the archives, imaineering, and more.4.  I always regretted that when I lived in Missouri I never made the trip to see Marceline. I want to see the area that helped influenced Walt in his passions.5. The Backstage Magic tour. I’ve wanted to see the inner workings of the Walt Disney World theme parks. I find that fascinating.Photo – Sarah GraffamDaisy:First, I have to say in compiling this list I realized my goals are pretty lofty. I’ve been incredibly lucky that I’ve been able to do all the things I’ve done. With that said, the very top of my list is Club 33 in Shanghai. Since it’s the only one left I haven’t visited, I’m very hopeful that someday soon I’ll worm my way into a meal at this exclusive spot. Of course, we still need to visit the park in Shanghai. However, for a bucket list I’m going for broke!1. Shanghai Disneyland with Club 332. After hours event at Tokyo DisneyWhile I’ve been lucky enough to visit Tokyo Disney three times, I still haven’t made it to an after hours event. In Tokyo these events are sold by lottery for special events like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Since everything in the Tokyo parks are absolute perfection, I can’t imagine these event are any different. Someday I want to be there to see it for myself!<3. Disneyland / Magic Kingdom Dream SuiteI feel like this is on every good Mouseketeer’s list. Can you imagine anything more incredible than having the privilege to stay inside the park for a night? This isn’t something that can be bought, Disney has to choose you. And frankly, I think that’s part of the dream. That I could do anything Disney would even notice, let alone give them reason to bestow on me such an insane honor. It’s the stuff of pixie dust filled dreams!4. Disney in the snowNow, I’m a Florida girl and you couldn’t pay me to go hang out in snow somewhere. However, the appeal of seeing a Disney park as a winter wonderland has my attention. I’m pretty sure Tokyo and Paris are the only options to make this one a reality. To make it even more complex, the trip would have to be rather last minute to catch the weather right. Still, I have dreams of seeing a Disney park under a blanket of snow one of these days.5. AulaniBelieve it or not, I still haven’t made it to Hawaii. The flight is so long from Florida and there is always somewhere else we can get to more easily. There’s also the fact that I’m not sure what there is to do besides lounge on the beach. Despite that, I’m adding it to the list because I want to be able to say I’ve been everywhere. Besides, there are worse places to go than Hawaii, right? Anywhere that has Duffy has to be pretty great!“I now pronounce you …”James:I feel like I should preface my bucket list selections with a couple of comments.  First of all, I fully recognize that the legal authority of a ship captain to perform a binding marriage ceremony is at best unsettled. Furthermore, it is probably worth noting that I am, in fact, already married.  As luck would have it, this works out pretty well for me, because what I’d like to do is to be a part of a marriage ceremony while riding the Jungle Cruise performed by a Jungle Cruise skipper.  Are Jungle Cruise Skippers “captains?”  Can boat captains perform legal marriages in the State of Florida?  Who cares?!?!?!?  I’m already married, making it purely ceremonial anyway, but what an awesome way to do a vow renewal!  When in the ride, you may ask?  Well, I can think of now place more fitting than to renew our vows right as we pass THE BACK SIDE OF WATER!  It’s the pinnacle of the ride, after all, and the tunnel at the close of the ride would set an interesting mood for a reception.Other, potentially more likely bucket list items:1.  An evening in the Cinderella Castle Suite2.  Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s3.  Keys to the Kingdom Tour (actually had this scheduled and had to cancel)4.  As a passholder at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, I’ve always wanted to hit all 6 domestic parks in a day.Tammy:1. Adventures by Disney on a 9-night African safari because a deluxe safari (read – no camping) is a longtime goal.  It will also involve some new camera equipment, I’m sure.  But that can be addressed at a later date!2. Cruise in the Roy O. Disney Suite on the Disney Fantasy3. Visit all of the Disney parks in Asia4. Stay in a themed suite at the Disneyland Hotel5. Be on the inaugural sailing for both of the new Disney shipsBuzz is rooting for you, Liz.Liz:1. Experience every guided tour at Walt Disney World – Since no one has created an ice cream sandwich eating contest at the Magic Kingdom for me to win yet, I guess I can settle for behind the scenes glimpses of beloved attractions, line skipping privileges, and animal encounters as my top bucket list item in the interim.2. Score 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin3. Stay at Wilderness Lodge over Christmas4. Conquer the Kitchen Sink5. Watch IllumiNations from a fireworks cruiseSavannah:1. Visit Tokyo DisneySea. I want to ride Journey to the Center of the Earth, shop til I drop for cute merch, and eat everything, particularly a Chandu Tail and Mike Wazowski Melon Bread.2. Visit Disneyland Paris3. A Disney Cruise with a Double-Dip Castaway Cay Itinerary4. Night at a Polynesian Village Bungalow5. Take the Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps Guided TourTessa:1. Stay in a VP or Presidential Suite at Walt Disney World, even just for one night, to see how the other half lives, Disney-style.2. Dine in the Snow White/Wishing Well room at Carthay Circle3. Take an international Adventures by Disney trip4. Visit Tokyo and Shanghai Disneylands5. Take a Disney cruiseLaurel:1. An 11-night Southern Carribbean cruise on the Fantasy in the Walter E. Disney Suite because I can’t get enough of concierge level on DCL and because it’s a rare itinerary for Disney.2) See the Asian parks3) Eat at the Chef’s Table at Napa Rose4) Run the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon5) Finish my stays in the all the Grand Villas (Old Key West and Grand Floridian, I’m looking at you.)last_img read more

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Travelling by minibus taxi in SA

first_imgMinibus taxis are by far the most commonform of public transport in South Africa.(Image: Formore free photos, visit the image library)MEDIA CONTACTS• Dudu LushabaCity of Johannesburg+27 11 407-7134+27 83 571 ARTICLES• No stopping SA’s Rea Vaya• Cape Town’s new bus system• New infrastructure for 2010 World Cup• South African EnglishNosimilo NdlovuCatching a minibus taxi is one of the cheapest ways of getting around in South Africa – and a great way to get to know the country and its people.The first African Fifa World Cup is due to kick off in June 2010 and football fans from around the world are gearing up to head here.The government and 2010 local organising committee have been working to develop a world-class transport system (PDF, 91 KB) that will allow visitors to follow their teams from city to city.Fans will have a number of transport options. The first is the recently launched Rea Vaya bus rapid transit system, which will run in four of the nine host cities: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria/Tshwane and Port Elizabeth. These state-of-the-art buses will be available every three minutes in peak times and every 10 minutes in off-peak periods, from 5am until midnight.Another option is the Gautrain – a mass rapid transit railway system that will eventually run between Johannesburg, Pretoria and OR Tambo International Airport. In 2010, only the route between Johannesburg and the airport will be operational.There’s also the park-and-ride system for visitors with vehicles. Areas will be set up where people can park their cars and jump into a bus or minibus taxi, which will take them to and from the stadium.The adventure beginsBut for a truly African experience, and for those on a tight budget, minibus taxis – or just taxis, as they are known in South Africa – would be the first choice. Not only will they get you around town quickly (too quickly for some), they’ll bring you up close to the country’s vibrant mix of cultures and people.A Johannesburg taxi driver’s clientele will range from a hot-shot businesswoman working in Sandton, the commercial hub of the city, to an old sangoma (traditional healer) from Soweto, South Africa’s largest township, in the south.You hop in, and the adventure begins. On the one side there may be young women sharing the latest celebrity gossip, and on the other an old man complaining about moral degeneration. While all this is going on, the music system will be pumping out the latest kwaito or hip hop beats, keeping all the heads bobbing. Those who travel the same route quickly get to know each other well, and one commuter will be able to tell you exactly what’s going on in another’s life.Having grown up in a township, I’ve been taking taxis all my life to get anywhere and everywhere. But for me, taxi-travelling has never been particularly easy, let alone comfortable. The drivers are highly skilled and experienced, but notoriously reckless in the traffic. The vehicles can also be overloaded and unsafe.The Department of Transport is aware of this, and has implemented a R7.7-billion (US$1-billion) taxi recapitalisation programme, aiming to replace up to 80% of the country’s taxi fleet by 2010.Owners who want to exit the industry or buy new vehicles are offered R50 000 ($6 720) for each unroadworthy minibus taxi that they send to accredited agencies for scrapping. New government regulations dictate that minibus taxis must be fitted with seatbelts for each passenger, have rollover bars, a type-two braking system and commercially rated tyres of sizes 185R or 195R. Some R353.5-million ($47.5-million) has been paid out in scrapping allowances, allowing taxi owners to revamp their ageing fleets with newer, safer vehicles.Taxis are widely used in South Africa, with 65% of public transport commuters relying on them daily, as they’re convenient and cheap – an inter-city trip usually costs less than R10 ($1.30). Drivers run set routes, but often pick up and drop off commuters anywhere in between.Knowing the right hand signals and lingo when stopping and boarding a minibus taxi is key to a successful journey.Getting the signs rightIn the small town of Howick in KwaZulu-Natal province, where I grew up, only two signs were used to flag down a taxi. You pointed your index finger upwards to signal for a taxi to Pietermaritzburg, the nearest city, or you pointed down to indicate you wanted a ride back home to Howick. When you were ready to get off the taxi, you just said “bus stop” and the driver would let you out at the next stop.When I moved to the biggest city in the country, Johannesburg, life got a bit complicated. First, I had to get used to the local sign: a downwards-pointing index finger. This indicates that you’re staying in the general area, just needing to go a little distance further. To get to any other area, you have to master quite a complex hand-sign system (PDF, 2 MB).To get to Johannesburg CBD from the northern suburbs, you point your index finger upwards – this will tell a driver to take you to the bustling south or west side of the city. Putting out all five fingers, like a high-five, says you want to travel further north in Johannesburg, or east.As you make your way to the outer-lying areas and the townships, the signs become more elaborate. To get to a point called “stop twelve” in the affluent suburb of Kyalami, north of Johannesburg, you have to diagonally cross your arms in front of you. The crossed arms resemble a road sign the taxis pass just before the pick-up point. If you don’t signal, the driver won’t stop.For residents of Diepsloot, a small township north-west of Johannesburg, stopping a taxi is a bit easier. Due to the bumpy roads there, commuters dip one hand up and down in a wave-like motion to say they need a ride.To go to Randburg, also north-west of the city centre, your choice of sign is dependent on where you’re coming from. If you’re in central Johannesburg, pointing your hand straight up is good enough. But if you’re outside the local mall in Cresta, a little to the west of Randburg, you have to make poking gestures with your index finger over your opposite shoulder, to signal for a taxi to Randburg. Simply put, commuters have to point backwards, showing where Randburg is in relation to the mall.Residents of Dobsonville in Soweto who need to travel to Leratong hospital in Kagiso, a neighboring township, need to make a similar poking movement, but with a slight scoop of the hand before pointing behind – the logic here is also based on location.To head to Fourways, just north of Sandton, simply hold out all four fingers with your thumb folded into your palm. To get to the large township of Thembisa, east of Johannesburg, make a “T” by putting one hand horizontally and the other vertically underneath it. Going by taxi to Cosmo City, west of Johannesburg, is easy: simply hold out your hand in a semi-circle to make the “C” sign.Now you’re on, but how do you get off?Once you’re on the taxi, it’s very important to know what to say to get off, how to say it and when to say it. You can get off just about anywhere along the route; there are no official stops. Before getting the taxi to stop, look out for nearby road or landmarks you name, loudly, for the sake of the driver. For example, shout “stop sign” 10 seconds before the sign, and the driver will make a plan. But don’t shout too early or too late, because chances are you’ll miss the drop-off point.The other popular phrase is “after robot”, which means, of course, that you want to get off after the traffic lights, keeping in mind there’s no phrase that indicates you want to get off before the robot. If the robot is red and the taxi stationary, you are expected to get off there and then – in this case the taxi won’t stop again “after robot”. How you say this phrase is  important: it must be loud and deep, pronounced “uf-dah robot”.The two leading phrases used by taxi commuters is “shot’ left driver” and “shot’ right driver”, indicating left or right. Again, you must be loud, but not as deep, pronounced with a sense of excitement in the voice.Get all this right, and you’re in for a ride of your life. Catching a taxi will take you on an audacious African journey not to be experienced anywhere else in the world.last_img read more

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#Nextchat: 2018 Midterm Election Results and Implications for the Workplace

first_imgHow to participate in an HR Twitter chat. Last night’s midterm elections resulted in a tilt of power for the 116th Congress with democrats clinching the majority in the House of Representative and republicans expanding their majority in the Senate.SHRM is poised to work with lawmakers to bring HR’s voice to the forefront on crucial workplace issues. So, this is a perfect time to chat about SHRM’s public policy priorities as we emerge from the midterms: workplace immigration, workforce development, workplace equity, health care, and workflex/paid leave.Join SHRM’s Government Affairs team at 3:00 p.m. ET today, November 7 for a public policy-focused #Nextchat! Special guests will include Lisa Horn @SHRMLobbystLisa, Nancy Hammer @hammershrm, Chatrane Birbal @SHRMBirbal, Patrick Brady @SHRMPBrady, Meredith Nethercutt @SHRMATeam, Rebecca Peters @SHRMRKPeters, and Jason Gabhart @SHRMCAJason.We’ll chat about the midterm election results and prospects for action on SHRM’s HR public policy priorities. This is an opportunity for SHRM members to interact with the Government Affairs team and to discuss how HR professionals can get engaged and support our policy initiatives. To get us started, here are a few questions we’ll tackle during #Nextchat:Q1: Why is it more important than ever for HR professionals to engage in advocacy?Q2: If you were setting the legislative agenda, which workplace public policy issue (immigration, workforce development, equity, health care, and workflex/paid leave) would you instruct policymakers to address first and why?Q3: Last night’s midterms resulted in over 100 women candidates winning election, how do you see workplace issues being impacted?Q4: How might changes to expand employer-sponsored tuition assistance such as increasing the limit and including student loan repayment impact your talent acquisition and retention efforts, and workforce development?Q5: What has been your experience with state or local paid leave laws? Q6: What employment-based immigration proposals have impacted operations in your workplace (E-Verify, Visas, DACA)?last_img read more

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Google May Unveil Its Mobile Payments System This Week

first_imgGoogle will announce a new mobile payments service on Thursday, Bloomberg reports. The new service utilizes Near Field Communications (NFC) and so will be only be available on those Android phones that have that technology – namely, the Nexus S from Sprint.By utilizing NFC, this new mobile payments service will mean that consumers will be able to pay for goods and redeem handsets via specially equipped NFC cash registers. According to Bloomberg, the service will get a trial run in five cities – New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Bloomberg says that Google is using hardware and software from VeriFone Systems and ViVOtech in order to run the service, but we might see some other companies involved too, including perhaps Mastercard which has been on the forefront of both NFC and mobile payments. There have been a number of rumors and reports circulating lately about Google’s plans for NFC and mobile payments, particularly as its Gingerbread Android OS added support for NFC and as Google incorporated the technology into a number of its local services, such as Hotpot.Google refused to comment on this latest story, but has sent out invitations to a press event scheduled that day.You can read more about NFC technology and the future of mobile payments in a series of recent stories by ReadWriteWeb’s Sarah Perez. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#Google#NYT#web audrey watters Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

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F1 champion Hamilton avoided taxes on luxury jet – leaked docs

first_imgThe Fatted Calf and Ayutthaya: New restos worth the drive to Tagaytay Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton avoided paying taxes on his private jet using an elaborate scheme that is now under investigation by British tax authorities, new leaked documents has revealed.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ LATEST STORIES MRT 7 on track for partial opening in 2021 Palace: Robredo back to ‘groping with a blind vision’ Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View comments Excess guards for Gilas fivecenter_img Malditas save PH from shutout After 30 years, Johnlu Koa still doing ‘hard-to-make’ quality breads Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – OCTOBER 29: Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP talks to the media after winning his fourth F1 World Drivers Championship after the Formula One Grand Prix of Mexico at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez on October 29, 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico. Clive Rose/Getty Images/AFP ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims Representatives for Hamilton could not be reached by AFP for comment.His lawyers told the BBC a review by a tax barrister found the structure was lawful, and that some VAT had been paid through the arrangements.There is also no indication Hamilton was directly involved in creating the scheme, and simply followed professional advice, the Guardian said.‘Artificial scheme’EY said it does not discuss individual clients.ADVERTISEMENT “All our advice, whether in planning or compliance, is based on our knowledge of tax law and providing transparency to tax authorities,” it added in a statement.Appleby did not respond to a request for comment.The leaked documents showed as many as 50 such schemes involving the Isle of Man, according to the BBC.Its government announced on October 24 it had asked Britain’s finance ministry to help investigate business jet imports into the EU through its territory.A British treasury spokesman said it could not comment on individual taxpayers’ information.Tax specialists, who reviewed the leaks for the ICIJ consortium, confirmed to AFP that Hamilton’s arrangements appeared to be “at the very minimum, aggressive tax planning: an artificial scheme, designed to obtain a tax advantage.”Rita de la Feria, chair of tax law at the University of Leeds, added: “If the scheme is being used to disguise private use of the jet, then the situation is of a more serious tax avoidance scheme.”Hamilton, recently crowned world champion for a fourth time and one of richest sports celebrity in the world, bought the jet – a Bombardier Challenger 605 – for £16.5 million.He has frequently posted photographs of its use for holidays and personal trips on social media.Under European tax rules, a company or individual that imports an aircraft must pay 20 percent of the purchase price in VAT, which can be reclaimed only on business use. /kga The driver received a $4.4 million (£3.3 million or €3.7 million) value-added tax (VAT) refund in 2013 after his luxury plane was imported into the Isle of Man – a low-tax British Crown Dependency, according to the BBC and Guardian newspaper.The revelations are the latest to emerge from the so-called Paradise Papers, released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) based in the United States.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingThe papers disclosed that accountancy firm EY and Appleby – the Bermuda-based law firm at the center of the leaks – assisted Hamilton and dozens of other clients in setting up seemingly artificial leasing businesses to get multi-million-dollar VAT rebates.The complex arrangements, which involved the individuals forming entities that rented their own jets, may contravene Europe-wide rules forbidding refunds for personal use, the media outlets said.last_img read more

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Sylvanvale have a ball at clinic

first_imgThe 2015 Youth Trans Tasman Junior Clinic on Friday, 16 January at Remondis Stadium, Cronulla included a number of special guests, none more important than the group from the Sylvanvale Foundation. The group comprised of adults and young adults with different forms of physical and intellectual disabilities, all of whom had a great passion for learning about Touch Football and having as much fun as possible whilst doing so. With assistance from Touch Football Australia, New South Wales Touch Association and Cronulla Sharks staff, the group were provide a unique experience, by having a run around on the home ground of the Sharks as well as going home with a number of special gifts.Steve, a mad Cronulla Sharks fan, had an amazing time, and showed off all of the skills that he had learnt as part of the clinic, including trick passes and touchdowns.The Sylvanvale Foundation’s Operations Manager, Marti Travers, said the group have not stopped raving about their time at the clinic and are looking forward to using their new found skills.The group also had a chance to meet and speak with Australian Touch Football representatives, as well as members of the Cronulla Sharks NRL side, and made sure they got plenty of gear signed to keep as a memory of this special day.The Sylvanvale Foundation works with children and adults with disabilities to provide them with experiences as well help them to successfully live in their communities.More information on the Sylvanvale Foundation can be found at – To view photos from the day, head to the TFA Facebook page – and stay tuned to the TFA YouTube channel for the highlights – Related LinksSylvanvale Cliniclast_img read more

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2016 Volunteer of the Year announced!

first_imgTruffaut chicharrones chambray vape banjo ramps, kombucha vexillologist godard kinfolk green juice synth migas. Shoreditch cronut echo park, direct trade tumblr venmo brunch. Mixtape gentrify polaroid, forage food truck chillwave DIY stumptown yr. Church-key roof party coloring book, photo booth yuccie pug fingerstache echo park whatever jean shorts. Forage flexitarian man braid, offal banjo knausgaard whatever chillwave keffiyeh tattooed stumptown austin normcore keytar. Succulents hot chicken coloring book, sriracha chicharrones blog lumbersexual pabst scenester bitters schlitz la croix. Activated charcoal cornhole letterpress bitters.Aesthetic four dollar toast activated charcoal, pinterest vape cold-pressed letterpress readymade flexitarian chambray messenger bag retro deep v. Sustainable bicycle rights keytar vinyl, fashion axe viral gluten-free heirloom listicle swag blue bottle selvage brunch 8-bit vegan. Craft beer chambray listicle, gochujang raw denim cronut street art shabby chic leggings green juice prism hexagon +1 blog. Waistcoat shabby chic hexagon forage truffaut, small batch distilleryportland cornhole blog. Brooklyn raclette sustainable lo-fi crucifix semiotics bushwick neutra post-ironic. Shoreditch woke letterpress, PBR&B thundercats you probably haven’t heard of them authentic before they sold out cronut hell of pinterest affogato hammock. Biodiesel quinoa succulents venmo deep v, vape pabst tacos tbh swag iceland.Man braid ugh lumbersexual, DIY tumblr cray post-ironic literally 90’s hot chicken man bun polaroid you probably haven’t heard of them stumptown– John Citizen3 wolf moon retro freegan quinoa. Wayfarers 8-bit hella PBR&B squid, forage kombucha bitters prism seitan pickled neutra venmo. Intelligentsia echo park typewriter poutine. Man braid ughlumbersexual, DIY tumblr cray post-ironic literally 90’s hot chicken man bun polaroid you probably haven’t heard of them stumptown. Williamsburg slow-carb marfa, vexillologist ramps organicsingle-origin coffee mixtape pop-up. Cliche ramps portland, actually heirloom kickstarter celiac dreamcatcher kogi lo-fi vaporware pok pok tofu. Roof party schlitz subway tile, raw denim pop-up bespoke chartreuse heirloom disrupt la croix tousled fixie fingerstache drinking vinegar.Pug lomo freegan, chillwave locavore 3 wolf moon pork belly pinterest selfies. Asymmetrical iPhone cold-pressed, viral selvage hammock occupy activated charcoal cardigan kale chips four dollar toast actually shabby chic. Cold-pressed viral shabby chic vegan cray. Heirloom four loko biodiesel edison bulb, leggings tofu sustainable trust fund portland etsy scenester direct trade twee hoodie glossier. Af waistcoat next level thundercats. Gastropub cronut brunch enamel pin man braid fashion axe, food truck hell of disrupt plaid gochujang activated charcoal selfies. Ennui selfies XOXOauthentic, hashtag poke la croix bushwick retro intelligentsia.last_img read more

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