Watch: Funniest arrest video of all time

first_imgThe video opens with a police officer chasing after a dwarf with bow legs who is trying to escape but eventually gets caught.A policeman’s life, no matter which town he is an officer in, is never easy.Every once in a while when peace seems to have finally settled in, some crackpot ends up ruining that perfect cup of tea or coffee.Here is one such video of a Los Angeles police officer making an arrest. The only difference is that the video is likely to leave you with a stomach ache thanks to laughing too loud. In his bid for freedom, the man even tries to climb up a streetlight pole.The nearly two-minute-long video opens up with a police officer chasing after  a dwarf-ish man with bow legs. Interestingly, the man is wearing nothing but a pair of sparkly white shorts with a beret and sports shoes.And like every criminal resisting arrest, the man does his token bit of protests and makes life somewhat miserable for the police officer. At one point, when the officer lets go of his arms, the man tries to climb up a streetlight pole in his bid to escape the law.Tired of the man’s antics, the officer is finally forced to handcuff him.As a last resort, when the police officer arrests him, the man shouts,But that doesn’t stop the man, who screams, “I can break these cuffs!”Can he and did he? Watch the video (and laugh your heart out):advertisementlast_img

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