6 Steps to More Money, Stronger Relationships, and Greater Job Satisfaction (Steps 1–3)

first_imgWe’ve all been there: delighted to meet someone with whom we connect and have so much to talk about.I got that buzz last week when I guided NAVREF fundraisers (aka executive directors) to use right-things, right-now marketing to advance their goals. Their organizations—based in VA hospitals all over the country—aim to improve veterans’ health and medical care by helping VA researchers get more grants and sponsorships.Like most of us, NAVREF executive directors have too much to do in too little time. Not surprisingly, they echoed the question I’m most frequently asked by fundraisers and marketers: What’s our magic bullet?Believe it or not, there is a single magic bullet for achieving your fundraising and marketing goals: Get to know your people—your supporters, prospects, and important influencers.We all crave connection. That’s what humans are all about. We want to be understood and valued, to feel that the other person—whoever it is—gets us.Without that connection, you’ll deliver who-cares fundraising and marketing that alienates the people whose help you need most. Connection is crucial!Start to get to know your people with these three steps:Focus on three or fewer clear, specific fundraising goals for the next 12 months. Attempt four or more and you’ll diffuse your impact to zero!Articulate what you want people to do to help you achieve those goals (calls to action). Shape each action to be specific and doable. Line up a series of single actions as needed.Prioritize your people (audiences). Focus on three or fewer groups who are most likely to take these actions or represent the greatest risk if they don’t. Leave the “general public” out.Then, get to know them. (These are steps 4 through 6, coming soon.) Learn as much as you can about their wants, habits, and preferences. You’ll shape your messages, activities, and to-do list to suit them. In doing so, you’ll boost donations, your bond with supporters, and your job satisfaction. It’s a can’t-say-no trifecta of forward momentum. Connection is your magic bullet.I’ll guide you through three steps to getting to know your people in follow-up posts. You’ll find this approach doable and effective, and I’ll do everything I can to motivate you to jump in. Can’t wait!How do you get to know your prospects and supporters, and how do you keep that connection strong? Please let me know by sending me a Tweetlast_img

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